Sunday, January 17, 2016

Day Fifteen: 'The trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit' - Moliere

Moliere was so patient. I am guilty of wanting my peach to look good, and fast.

It's been fifteen days of no sugar. No booze. No bad stuff. All the fresh stuff. Not even bread. I kind of thought that by now, I'd be able to see some changes in my body. I still have a 'skinny-fat' belly, and my legs are still pretty thick. For how much I love donuts and icecream and how often I used to eat treats, I am only now realising how easy it is to put on and maintain a spare tyre, and how hard it seems to shed. I find myself idealising a certain desired body type, which I know isn't healthy. If this challenge doesn't come from a place of self-acceptance, I think it will fall short of being a transformative activity. Sure, I might look a bit tighter, but will I actually be a better person?

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